Summer 2015

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So here's the sweaty scoop on summer 2015.

 photo by:  Enid Valu

photo by: Enid Valu

I have been published in Stars & Stripes, The American Flag in Contemporary Art! This is a wonderful collection of artists from all over presenting their work focused on the American flag as the subject matter. The variety of mediums range from bras to hotdogs to dollar bills. I am so proud to be along side all of these artists showing off my wiener flag. 

Local creatives group, Culture Initiative, showcased me as their recent featured creative! I had a great studio visit from Katie Kirchner who captured not only my library/music room/writing room/studio space, she also got some great photos of my assistant and roommate, the cat. Kasey Murray interviewed me, though her interview wasn't one of those q and a kind, we actually sat and discussed modern art and our local art scene here in Charlotte, NC. Culture Initiative hosts some incredible art events and encourages everyone to Experience Life!

I finally started an Etsy where you can purchase some of my wearable art garments as well as other crafty items that I like to create in my free time. Please share with all your gogo dancing friends, drag queens, art gallery snobs, photoshoot crazy photographers, anyone that might have an interest in owning one of my pieces! You will be the life of the party for sure.

 photo by:  Enid Valu   model:  Felicia Julien

photo by: Enid Valu

model: Felicia Julien

So currently, I am focusing on my art, trying to make space for new art, and figuring out career wise what to do with my art. My husband and I are looking to move to Vegas sometime soon, so I would love to pick up some work there! 

A few more fun and informative things:

Fellow fiber artist, Andrea Vail, has started an ongoing collaborative project called Friendge. You get to make tassels and send them via snail mail or meet for coffee and make a friend and contribute to a piece of art! You won't regret being a part of something bigger. 

There is a fairly new space in Charlotte, NC called C3Lab. They provide studio spaces, office spaces, desk areas, and a gallery for all creatives to share their vibes in one building. I highly recommend checking it out sometime, they love visitors and fresh new ideas and artists!

Charlotte also has a unique pop up gallery called The Dwelling. Artists exhibit their work in a home setting and invite the public to come to a more intimate setting rather than the usual white wall gallery. This is a genius way to get art and people outside of a gallery and challenge the experience of viewing art. 

 photo by:  Enid Valu

photo by: Enid Valu

Stay tuned for more up close and personal updates! You never know, maybe I'll be making Miley Cyrus' next bizarre plastic show garment! Cheers! -Christine Rebich