photo by:   Katie Kirchner

photo by:  Katie Kirchner

Christine Rebich is a visual artist using a variety of mediums including found objects, metal, plastics, industrial fabrics, and the human body. Her work is full of uncanny forms and ideas, referencing surrealist ideals. She graduated from UNC Charlotte with a BFA focused in Fiber Arts and a minor in Art History. She is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada continuing to create innovative fashions and progressive art pieces as well as doing freelance costume work. 

Please send an email to  for any interest in showing Christine's work, purchasing or commissioning any work, collaborating, hiring, or just dropping by to say hi!

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One of a kind plastic pieces available for purchase on CHRISTINEREBICHcom Etsy page!

If you are in Charlotte, NC, stop by Stash Pad Vintage, selling Christine Rebich originals!